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About Us

Bee Valve Inc. traces its origin back a half-a-century to the beginning of the modern plastics industry. The company was on the developmental forefront of plastic ball valves and was one of the first companies to use glass-reinforced polypropylene for this application.

The company was also on the leading edge in the development of non-metallic hose couplers and adapters in the early 1970s, utilizing glass-reinforced nylon and polypropylene for economy and strength.

Bee Valve continues to focus on providing the industry with state-of-the-art materials and components. When you turn to Bee Valve for your fluid handling needs, you're turning to the market innovator.

Bee Valve Partners with Midview High School

Bee Valve, Inc. maintains an ongoing partnership with Midview High School, Grafton, OH, and its Transitions class. Students actively participate with Bee Valve by assembling components which are incorporated into industrial hose equipment. Students in the Transitions class acquire job skills including component assembly, bar code function, packaging and understanding specific directions and instructions.

Students learn the importance of job promptness and attention to work, reporting issues that may arise, as well as other positive communication skills. It’s the goal of Midview High School and its teachers that their students continue to learn and improve on all the necessary job skills needed for future success.

2017/2018 School Year

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